Airline purchase still going ahead

THE sale of Hazelton and Kendell Airlines is proceeding but a finalisation date is unknown, according to a spokesman for Australiawide Airlines., Speculation has been mounting that the Australiawide bid is in trouble but the spokesman said the sale was going ahead., “We’re chatting to everyone … I don’t know (when the sale will be finalised),” he said., Federal Minister for Transport and deputy PM John Anderson had given Australiawide and the administrators for Kendell and Hazelton until yesterday to finalise the sale or a $5 million grant and other tax exemptions would be lost., However, a spokesman for Mr Anderson said there was no need for intervention at this stage., “Technically a deadline can’t be flexible but put it this way ‘we are still talking to them’,” he said., Full story in the Western Advocate.
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Flyer helps take heat out of immigration

THE Gillard government, no fan of ”big Australia”, is bringing all sides of the population debate into the tent as it seeks to manage the issue before the election.Critics of rapid population growth, including the former NSW premier Bob Carr, as well as business supporters of migration have been named on three advisory panels formed to help the Minister for Sustainable Population, Tony Burke, produce a national population policy.The government is sensitive enough about the issue to have sent flyers to the western Sydney electorate of Maquarie reminding voters that Julia Gillard does not support the idea of a fast-growing population.Mr Burke, who had ”sustainable” added to his job title when Ms Gillard became Prime Minister, yesterday named Mr Carr, the Australian Industry Group chief Heather Ridout and Professor Graeme Hugo to help advise the government on population growth issues.Some panel members will have the chance to advance their already established views on the topic.”My record on population issues is pretty clear,” said the national secretary of the Australian Workers’ Union, Paul Howes, who will sit on the productivity and prosperity panel.”I think there’s a very strong economic case to look at how immigration can assist our country. I’ve got a job as a union official to ensure that my members have strong employment for the future. What I know is that for every immigrant, you create three jobs.”On that matter Mr Howes’s views diverge from another union leader, the national secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, John Sutton, who is more circumspect on the benefits of a growing population.”There needs to be a lot of consideration to these things, and not some bull-at-a-gate charge to a big number,” said Mr Sutton, who has been appointed to the panel on sustainable development.”There are certain economists who run a very simple agenda that big immigration is a uniform good and all we need to do is bring in ever-increasing numbers [of migrants] and she’ll be right. I don’t subscribe to that. I and my organisation support immigration … but it has to be looked at in a careful and a planned way.”The panels will report to Mr Burke by year’s end, with a national population policy to be produced next year.
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Smoke pollution: no cash back subsidy for Bathurst

There’s a winter smoke haze that hangs over Bathurst, yet city residents don’t qualify for cash back subsidies paid under a woodheater replacement program.
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Bathurst’s smoke pollution is not regarded as bad compared to half a dozen towns where a pilot heater replacement program is being run at Orange, Lithgow, Blue Mountains, Tamworth and Cooma.

NSW and Tasmanian both have buy back programs offering incentives to upgrade from older-style woodheaters and open fires to cleaner forms of home heating.

But, both States exclude the efficient woodheaters that meet Australian standards for minimal pollution levels, much to the concern of the Australian Home Heating Association.

The association’s national chairman Paul Beaton said 9500 people’s livelihoods are being put at risk by woodheater replacement programs which cast doubt over the long-term future of woodheating in Australia.

Mr Beaton said 1.5 million Australian households still use firewood heating.

The buy back scheme has damaged confidence, caused confusion and concern among consumers, he said.

Full story in the Western Advocate.

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Defensive intensity

STRONG defence is becoming a trademark of the Bathurst RSL Goldminers’ women’s team.
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The Goldminers defeated Griffith 67-50 in their State League match at Griffith on Saturday night with the ‘Miners’ defensive intensity again a feature of their victory.

Intimidating and enthusiastic defence is what the ‘Miners have built their game around all season.

Goldminers’ captain Rebecca Rattey said it was again a highlight of their performance.

“We played very well,” Rattey said.

“We were just pretty hard and tough on them (on defence) and they couldn’t really do much at all.

“We just played a lot of double press and that type of stuff.”

Guard Regan Schram and forward Misty Collins were among the Goldminers’ best.

The side has just lost one match this season and continues to develop under the guidance of co-coaches Charlie McGrath and Shane Furness.

The men’s side, which took just seven players to Griffith, battled on well in their 96-84 defeat.

With skipper Jack Cannon unavailable and centre Adam Zajac fouling out early, the ‘Miners lacked height in the key and Griffith capitalised.

The Goldminers began the match well, scoring the first five points and keeping Griffith scoreless for the first three minutes of the game.

However, the home side gradually found momentum and, despite good performances across the court from the ‘Miners, were able to take control.

Josh Cohen played well offensively for the Goldminers, but it was the Cullen boys who dominated the game for Griffith.

Andrew Cullen shot a game high 31 points, while Nick Cullen added 17 points and provided numerous assists.

After several games on the road, the Goldminers will be back on their home court this weekend against Shoalhaven.

The women’s team will play at 5pm on Saturday, followed by the men at 7pm.

On Sunday, the men will play the Wagga Wagga Heat at 12pm.



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Let us see full salary cap audit:Storm directors

EVEN though he admits he may not see the full report himself, NRL chief executive David Gallop has rejected claims by Melbourne chairman Rob Moodie that the report into the Storm’s salary cap, commissioned by News Ltd and expected to be released today, will not be independent.But that view is likely to be tested again with the revelation that News will release to the public only a short summary of the official report by auditor Deloitte. The summary, which it is thought may be as small as 12 pages, has been compiled by the media company. A News spokesman said yesterday the company was unable to release the full report for legal reasons but that the summary would be ”a dozen” pages and would include an overview of the club’s finances and details of player payments, how the salary cap breaches were structured and who was involved.A source close to the Melbourne Storm’s independent board members said it was ”ridiculous” that News was releasing only a summary of Deloitte’s findings. The insider said: ”The directors have always felt that the Deloitte audit was only commissioned with a view to exonerating News and in order that they look respectable in relation to corporate governance. But the fact News Ltd will only make public their synopsis of what Deloitte found shows they have no intention of being upfront about the findings.”The directors have always maintained they want transparency, but again it seems we’re not getting it.”The forensic auditing into the salary-cap breaches by Melbourne between 2006 and this year, which led to the stripping of two premierships and all competition points from this season, was handed to News executives last week. But the fact the findings have not yet been released has heightened the fears of Melbourne’s independent directors.The relationship between the directors – Moodie, Gerry Ryan, Peter Maher and Petra Fawcett – and the NRL and News has become increasingly strained, and there were suggestions last night that News Ltd chief executive John Hartigan was preparing to sack the four, who have taken legal action against the NRL over its punishment, today. The Herald revealed yesterday Moodie was asked to resign on Tuesday by News chief operating officer Peter Macourt, given the report found the club’s breaches over five years amounted to $3.2 million, almost double what had been initially thought.Moodie flew to Vienna yesterday on business but not before turning up the heat on the NRL and News. He maintained the investigation should have been carried out by the NRL before the club was handed its punishments, and not by an auditor funded by the club’s owners.Gallop responded by saying: ”We conducted our investigation and found wholesale salary cap rorting. We imposed penalties on the basis of what we found and what the Storm admitted to. They accepted those penalties and those penalties remain 100 per cent appropriate.”Gallop also defended the integrity of the Deloitte report, suggesting News had no choice but to pay for it as 100 per cent owners of the club. ”I don’t understand the criticism of that process,” he said.Gallop said he had not seen the report and was ”not sure” whether he would be given access to the complete version or the News summary.”It will be important that [NRL salary cap auditor] Ian Schubert gets an opportunity to verify the findings. While he’s already had some discussion with Deloitte, I’m sure he’s keen to see the findings himself.”But Gallop stressed the NRL’s major interest in the report related to the Storm’s salary cap position for 2011. ”No doubt the salary cap auditor will look at the report in relation to their 2011 position, but we have dealt with them for the period between 2006 and 2010,” he said.While it will be ultimately up to Schubert to determine how far over the cap the Storm will be in 2011, Gallop thought the Deloitte figure – believed to be $1.3 million – would be the final one, meaning Storm officials will likely be able to quickly press on with plans for next year.Moodie said it was ”unfair to so many people, like staff and players whose lives are being held in the balance” while the report remained with News but was not available to the Storm.Gallop described as nonsense Moodie’s assertion yesterday that the NRL and News did not have the best interests of the Storm at heart.
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Souths, Pat’s scoreless

SOUTHS and St Pat’s fought out a scoreless draw in Saturday’s Country Energy Western Premier League match at Cooke Hockey complex.
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As the score suggests, the defence of both teams was excellent, with neither side able to score the crucial goal that could have consolidated their place in the top five.

St Pat’s coach Wayne Wright said the game was up for grabs, but he believed his team held better possession in the second half.

Wright said he was quite happy with his team’s performance, but with four or five teams on almost equal par on the WPL table, a win would have been valuable for his side.

“Jenny (Muldoon) and Rachel (Braun) did play well, but I really was quite happy with the whole team’s performance,” he said.

Souths’ coach Trevor Reece was particularly impressed with his team’s defensive effort during the match.

“We had as many (goal) chances as they did, but I think our defence was really brilliant and it must have frustrated the hell out of them,” Reece said.

“It was a good, tough even game of hockey, whereas we’ve been sort of scrambling in matches in the last few weeks.

“That (Saturday’s match) will do us the world of good.”

St Pat’s will next face the Steamers in Dubbo, while Souths will play Waratahs in another Bathurst derby.

ST PAT’S 0 drew with SOUTHS 0.

p DUBBO Railway Steamers finally converted a strong start into goals to record a convincing win over Orange Ex-Services in their clash at Dubbo.

Dubbo scored twice early in the first half and went on to win 5-1 with Sharon Roberts scoring twice for the home side.

DUBBO 5 (Sharon Roberts 2, Gail Clinton, Jodi Sharp, Jocelyn Knight) def EX-SERVICES 1 (Ashlea Warrender).

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Butted out of a grave matter

The former Home and Away actor Bryan Wiseman has been known for his controversial revelations about drug use among the young. But it’s his thoughts on the smoking requirements of the dead that is taking him to the Supreme Court next week. Wiseman and a co-beneficiary, Antony Millard, are seeking to remove Heidi Muggenthaler as executor of the will of their friend Desda Edwards after they were not consulted on the wording of her headstone – which they thought should feature a cigarette and ashtray. Muggenthaler said she knew the 72-year-old Edwards had been a heavy smoker, but assumed the headstone suggestion was made in jest. ”I had [the grave] renovated and had a plaque put on, but no ashtray,” she said. The lucrative estate was all but finalised when the relationship soured, and Muggenthaler was served with the complaint, which also alleges she did not grant Wiseman and Millard access to some of Edwards’s dogs. ”I’m a bit stumped, I don’t know why they’re doing this,” she said. The Diary doesn’t know either, so we contacted Wiseman, who was not prepared to illuminate us. ”It’s in the hands of my lawyers, I’m just going to rely on the courts to make a decision,” he said.EGGHEAD NEWSScientists claim to have answered the question that has confounded philosophers for centuries: which came first, the chicken or the egg? It was, they say, indisputably the chicken. A team from Warwick and Sheffield universities in Britain examined the formation of a chicken’s egg in microscopic detail and discovered that the shell was made from a protein found only in a chicken’s ovaries. Called ovocledidin-17, the protein acts as a catalyst to speed up the development of the shell. But don’t worry, some mysteries endure. The really big question – which came first? The omelet or roast chook? – remains one for the ages.LEFT IN THE PASTThe maxim used by generations of parents to temper the idealism of their children goes: ”If you’re not a socialist at the age of 20 you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative at the age of 40, you have no brain.” Well, research suggests that the adage still holds, though many middle-aged ”champagne socialists” fail to notice their views shifting. A new study reported in London’s The Daily Telegraph shows that people who dabbled with left-wing politics as students still defined themselves by their old radical views, even though the responsibility of raising a family had given them a more conservative outlook. The study suggests that people – mostly the well-educated – vote for left-wing parties ”by mistake”, in ignorance of their actual political interests and sympathies. The paper was based on a study of 136,000 people, gathered in 48 countries, over five periods between 1981 and 2008. Respondents were first asked to assess how they perceived their own political beliefs. These perceptions were then compared with indicators of the respondents’ actual ideological positions, established by asking them whether they believed wealth should be divided more equally. The paper concluded: ”This is further evidence not just that voters are far from fully informed, but that somehow voters consistently misperceive where they lie on the ideological spectrum.”HEAVY DUTYIt’s not a sight you would expect to see in or out of court. But on display yesterday, during a committal hearing into a fatal brawl at Sydney Airport, were 10 giggling bikies. The Comanchero chuckles followed some weighty questions by one of their lawyers. ”It’s fair to say that if somebody’s fat they are not well built, are they?” came one question, followed by: “If you’re talking about someone who is really well built, you’re not talking about someone who is obese, are you?” The magistrate, John Favretto, quipped: “I think that is a rather subjective matter.”BIG DAY FOR THE BAREFOOT BANDITHE HAD been dubbed the Barefoot Bandit but Colton Harris-Moore has suffered the ultimate humiliation, brought to heel in a Nassau courtroom on Tuesday and then promptly extradited to Miami to face further charges. The 19-year-old fugitive burglar pleaded guilty in Nassau to charges of illegally landing a plane in the Caribbean nation. AFP reports that Harris-Moore achieved outlaw folk hero status by eluding authorities on foot, in stolen cars and aircraft, and was wanted in the US for burglaries in at least six states and in Canada. He has a criminal record stretching back to the age of 12. In a digital camera recovered from his stolen booty, police found a self-assured, smirking self-portrait. His mother, Pam Kohler, has hailed him as a genius, even if of the criminal sort. ”He’s smart. He took an IQ test a few years ago and he’s three points below Einstein,” she said last year. It is widely accepted, however, that Einstein never sat an IQ test.STAY IN TOUCH…WITH HARRY POTTER AND THE PARALLEL PLOTHARRY POTTER has contended with Voldemort, dementors, short-sightedness and puberty and more than held his own. Now he faces one of his biggest battles over a claim that he based one of his adventures on the experiences of one Willy the Wizard. Yesterday the estate of the British author Adrian Jacobs filed a copyright infringement in the Federal Court of New York, claiming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is ”substantially similar” to Jacobs’s 1987 book, Bloomberg reports. ”The central theme of each work – a year-long wizard contest – unfolds as similar characters enact parallel plot points,” according to the complaint. The trustee for Jacobs’s estate has called for Potter’s publishers, Scholastic Inc, to recall the Goblet books and pay the estate all profit from it. Jacobs and J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, had been represented by the same literary agent, Christopher Little, who had copies of Jacobs’s book, The Adventures of Willy the Wizard, well before Goblet was published, the estate said. Jacobs’s book was published in Britain by Bachman & Turner in 1987 and hasn’t come out in the United States. The writer died in 1997. There are 143 million copies of the seven Harry Potter novels in print in the US and the books have sold 400 million copies worldwide.WITH SECRETSNEXT month Rhonda Byrne the author of The Secret, will publish its successor, The Power, in New York. The success of the 19 million-selling The Secret was astonishing. For one thing, its ”secret” – if you want something, keep wanting it and you will get it – seemed as obvious as it was nakedly avaricious. Its corollary was pretty obvious, too: if you don’t want something, you’re less likely to get it. That the Diary has yet to successfully stuff an elephant, or remove the hubcap from a speeding vehicle, has a lot to do with not wanting to do it in the first place. But we digress. Byrne’s publishers say she was inspired to write The Power ”after answering thousands of letters from readers of The Secret, and reaching extraordinary new levels of insight”. Her new book will continue her ”groundbreaking work, as she reveals the single greatest force in our universe: the power to get what you want.” All of which makes us think that what Byrne wants is for another 19 million people to ignore that the secret of The Power is that it is rather too much like The Secret.WITH ROVEIT SEEMS Rove McManus’s ”Say hi to your mum for me” sign-off is not set for an airing on US television after all. One of America’s top TV talk show hosts, Craig Ferguson, has dismissed suggestions the Australian is talking over his job, AAP reports. The Scottish-born comedian used his Twitter account to announce there would be no guest host replacing him on The Late Late Show while he went on leave for six weeks. ”I hope reports I’m being replaced by an Australian are false,” Ferguson wrote. ”CBS would never allow a foreigner to do the show. Or would they? Oh no!” But McManus still has prospects for a job stateside later in the year. The network is developing a daytime talk show starring McManus and the former One Day at a Time sitcom star Valerie Bertinelli as hosts.GOT A TIP? Contact [email protected]南京夜网.au or 92822350
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Dogs cull Roos

BATHURST Bulldogs crushed Dubbo 69-10 in their Blowes Menswear Cup match at Walmer Park on Saturday.
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The encounter was a far cry from the famous clashes between the clubs in the 1990s and signalled Bulldogs are getting back to top form after an indifferent start to the season.

Elated Bulldogs’ co-coach Richard Smith said the result was unlike any he could remember in the history of matches between the two clubs.

“We’ve had to get mentally tough as well as physically tough and that is probably what we’ve been lacking,” Smith said.

“I can’t remember a time when we have beaten Dubbo by that much before, but you know, hats off to Dubbo.

“They never gave up and have a very slick back line, but it’s just been one of those days where everything works and we’ll probably have a big night tonight and enjoy it.”

Bulldogs’ flanker Josh McGrath opened the scoring after breaking through Dubbo’s defensive line, but it was his mistake soon after that enabled Matt Burnie to strike back for Dubbo.

McGrath dropped a high kick that Burnie scooped up and took under the posts.

Dubbo would not cross again until the final stages of the match as Bulldogs went on a scoring blitz, Nick Lavelle, Lee Hands and Greg Reid each crossing for two tries.

Dubbo coach Scott Vaughan said he had hoped “for a little better showing”.

“We had a few injuries earlier in a few key positions and it just went from bad to worse… there were a few head clashes out there that saw us lose a few,” Vaughan said.

“They were full strength and credit to them.”

BATHURST BULLDOGS 69 (Nick Lavelle 2, Lee Hands 2, Greg Reid 2, Andrew Breen, Stuart Thomas, Jono Cody, Josh McGrath, Matt Lawson tries, Lavelle 7 conversions) def DUBBO KANGAROOS 10 (Matt Burnie, Ray White tries)..

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Australia seeks support for refugee plan

AUSTRALIA wants to convene a multinational conference on people smuggling this year in which support will be sought for the Prime Minister’s controversial proposal for a regional refugee processing centre.The plan for the ministerial meeting of the Bali Process forum, tentatively scheduled for November, is expected to be revealed today when the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Stephen Smith, meets his Indonesian counterpart, Marty Natalegawa.Mr Smith was due to arrive in Jakarta last night for a round of meetings, including his first opportunity to brief Mr Natalegawa about the hastily conceived proposal for the centre, which Australia wants in East Timor.Indonesia, Australia’s most important partner in fighting human trafficking, has yet to state its position on the centre and the favoured location of East Timor, citing a lack of information.Mr Smith rejected suggestions Indonesia had not been consulted properly, or that there were signs it may be hostile to the processing centre in East Timor.Australia and Indonesia are joint leaders of the Bali Process forum, a grouping of more than 40 countries and a dozen institutions such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.Since its last ministerial meeting in April last year the number of asylum seekers moving through Indonesia to Australia by boat has surged, prompting the new federal strategy.The interception yesterday morning of the 77th boat to arrive in Australia waters this year brought the number of irregular migrants on such vessels to 3691 this year.Meanwhile, a newspaper report that a ”senior al-Qaeda linked figure” was detained in Indonesia en route by boat to Australia has been dismissed as based on scant evidence.
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Honours shared

BATHURST St Pat’s hooker Trent Hemsworth kicked a late penalty goal to secure his side a 20-all draw in yesterday’s thrilling Tooheys Group 10 derby at St Pat’s Sporting Complex.
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Hemsworth kicked the goal with about six minutes remaining after a heavy tackle on St Pat’s centre Mark Elliott.

Earlier, Panthers’ forward Owen Seaman slipped his arm through a two-man tackle to ground the ball and set up a tense finale as his side snatched a 20-18 lead with 10 minutes remaining.

St Pat’s coach Dave Scott said a brief lapse in the second half saw hurt his side, but he was relatively happy with the result.

Scott praised St Pat’s captain Soane Finau in particular for his consistent leadership.

“I just thought the game by my front rower and captain Soane Finau was amazing, outstanding, he’s ageless. I can’t speak highly enough of him,” Scott said.

“Sam Baumberger’s hits were awesome and David Chapman, who played almost two full games today, was outstanding.

“To come away with a draw today is not a bad effort.

“We set ourselves a goal a while ago for the next three games and we’ve had two wins and a draw out of that, so I’m relatively happy.”

The Bathurst derby was was expected to be physical and the crowd wasn’t disappointed.

Panthers’ Dave Elvy, making his debut for the club, came off worse for wear after smacking into the leg of Finau in the first minute. Elvy was forced to leave the field.

Soon after, Panthers’ captain-coach John Fearnley was taken to hospital after sustaining an achilles injury, putting his playing future this season in doubt.

Despite the setbacks, Panthers rallied with Stanley Latu scoring the first points of the game after receiving a brilliant pass from Marty O’Connell.

It took 10 minutes for the Saints to reply with winger Christian Dowling putting the first try on the board for St Pat’s.

Possession was dominated by Panthers in the first half, but Saints made the most of the opportunities that came their way.

The scores were locked at 14-all at half-time, Tim Kaufusi scoring Panthers’ second try, while Chris Osborne and Mark Elliott also added first half tries for St Pat’s.

After the match, O’Connell said his side had mixed feelings about the result.

“We could have got away with the points, but it was disappointing in the end,” he said.

“I think they (St Pat’s) got a few too many offloads on us.

“The boys really dug in in defence and it’s a credit to us.

“It was a tough game of football.”

St Pat’s are away to Cowra and Panthers at home to an out of form Orange Hawks this week.

BATHURST ST PAT’S 20 (Shane Antheas, Mark Elliott, Christian Dowling, Chris Osborne tries, Trent Hemsworth 2 goals) drew with BATHURST PANTHERS 20 (Tim Kaufusi, Stanley Latu, Owen Seaman tries, Seaman 4 goals).

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